Winners 2017

Here's who took home the trophies - and $20k in cash - at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards


Arts, Entertainment & Pop Culture

Anything inspired by culture high and low

GOLD The Unlikely Odds of Making it Big by Russell Goldenberg & Dan Kopf, The Pudding

SILVER OddityViz – a visual deconstruction of Space Oddity by Miriam Quick & Valentina D'efillipo

BRONZE An Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton by Shirley Wu, The Pudding

HONOURABLE MENTION Film Money by Lars Verspohl


Current Affairs & Politics

Works on news, politics, finance & economics

GOLD On Their Way: the Journey of Foreign Fighters by Density Design

SILVER One Angry Bird by Periscopic

BRONZE Want to fix gun violence in America? Go local by The Guardian

HONOURABLE MENTION The Electoral College misrepresents every state, but not as much as you may think by Denise Lu, Washington Post


People, Language & Identity

Graphics on identity, drawing on personal & cultural data & the quantified self

GOLD How do you draw a circle? by Thu-Huong Ha & Nikhil Sonnad, Quartz

SILVER What’s it like to get trolled all day long? by Harry Stevens, Piyush Aggarwal, Hindustan Times

BRONZE Data Futures by Dominikus Bar, Daniel Goddemeyer

HONOURABLE MENTION Life in Clay by Alice Thudt


Environments & Maps

Pieces on the natural & built environment, plus any map that doesn't fit into other categories

GOLD 1812: When Napoleon Ventured East by TASS

SILVER Lights on & Lights out by John Nelson

BRONZE Peak Spotting by Moritz Stefaner, Christian Laesser, StudioNAND

HONOURABLE MENTION Travel Visa Inequality by Christian Laesser


Humanitarian / Global

Graphics on NGOs, aid, welfare & global issues including natural or man-made disasters

GOLD The Shadow Peace - The Nuclear Threat by Neil Halloran

SILVER The Point Of No Return - How the world is adapting to climate change by Density Design

BRONZE How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything by Eric Roston, Blacki Migliozzi, Bloomberg

HONOURABLE MENTION Those Who Did Not Cross by Levi Westerveld

HONOURABLE MENTION The Stories Behind a Line by Federica Fragapane


Science & Technology

Images on technology, science, medicine or health

GOLD Science Paths by Kim Albrecht

SILVER (tied) Why Are so Many Babies Born around 8:00 A.M.? by Nadieh Bremer, Zan Armstrong, Scientific American

SILVER (tied) Seeing Theory by Daniel Xiang

BRONZE Nutrition Label by Vivek Menon

HONOURABLE MENTION Apollo by Paul Button

HONOURABLE MENTION This is the tangled future of tech and transportation by Skye Gould, Business Insider


Sports, Games, & Leisure

Works on the subject of sports, games, & leisure activities

GOLD Rhythm of Food by Moritz Stefaner, Yuri Vishnevsky

SILVER Swimming World Records throughout History by Irene de la Torre Arenas

BRONZE (tied) NYC Foodiverse by Will Su

BRONZE (tied) What city is the microbrew capital of the US? by Russell Goldenberg, The Pudding

HONOURABLE MENTION Berlin Marathon 2016: how fast your city runs by Berliner Morgenpost



Anything that doesn't fit into other categories

GOLD Data Sketches in Twelve Installments by Nadieh Bremer, Shirley Wu

SILVER How To Fix a Toilet (And Other Things We Couldn't Do Without Search) by Google News Lab, Xaquín González Veira

BRONZE Data Viz Project by Ferdio

HONOURABLE MENTION Forma Fluens by Mauro Martino


Studio of the Year

Most impressive multiple pieces by a commercial studio

Density Design for works including On Their Way: the Journey of Foreign Fighters & The Point Of No Return - How the world is adapting to climate change


Community Prize

Most votes from visitors to our site

GOLD The Annual Report of the ERGO Hestia Group, "Network" by Hanna Dyrcz

SILVER Viz for Social Good by Chloe Tseng

BRONZE (tied) Han Chinese Opera by Peijie Li

BRONZE (tied) Surfing in Italy by Stefania Guerra, Michela Lazzaroni


Outstanding Individual

Nadieh Bremer for works including Data Sketches in Twelve Installments & Why Are so Many Babies Born around 8:00 A.M.?


Rising Star

GOLD Jory Fleming for works including Gerrymandering: A Nation Divided, but Who's Drawing the Lines?

SILVER Amy Cesal for works including 50/30/20: Income and financial stability in America

BRONZE Nam Wook Kim for works including Data Driven Guides

HONOURABLE MENTION Giacomo Flaim for works including Are you sure you want to smoke?


Best Non-English Language Viz

GOLD Berlin Marathon 2016: how fast your city runs by Berliner Morgenpost

SILVER Women Farmers in the Loneliness of Onion Fields by Agnès Stienne, VisionsCarto

BRONZE (tied) Creation of a Thangka by Zhu Tianhang

BRONZE (tied) All the government barbecues by Rodrigo Menegat


Many thanks to everybody who entered such outstanding work; our marvellous judging panel; the voting public, and our beloved sponsor Kantar.

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See you in 2018


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