The Winners: Arts, Entertainment & Pop Culture

A closer look at the incredible winners in the Arts, Entertainment & Pop Culture category, the place for visualizations inspired by culture high or low.


GOLD ($1000)

The Unlikely Odds of Making it Big by Russell Goldenberg & Dan Kopf, The Pudding

What’s the chance your favorite band will succeed?


SILVER ($500)

OddityViz – a visual deconstruction of Space Oddity by Miriam Quick & Valentina D'efillipo

Data from David Bowie’s track engraved on 10 records.


BRONZE ($250)

An Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton by Shirley Wu, The Pudding

An analysis of over 21,000 words in the Hamilton musical.



Film Money by Lars Verspohl

Telling the story of the relationship between business interests and public taste.


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