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  • Check out the amazing winners in the Unusual category, home to anything & everything that doesn’t fit into other categories.


    GOLD ($1000)

    Data Sketches in Twelve Installments by Nadieh Bremer, Shirley Wu

    Monthly visualizations on a range of topics, plus write-ups on their creation.


    SILVER ($500)

    How To Fix a Toilet (And Other Things We Couldn't Do Without Search) by Google News Lab, Xaquín González Veira

    “How To” searches have grown 144%.


    BRONZE ($250)

    Data Viz Project by Ferdio


  • Explore the outstanding winners from the Sports, Games & Leisure category, the place for graphics on anything to do with sporting pursuits, games, & leisure activities.
  • Discover the talented winners in the Science & Technology category, for images on technology, science, medicine & health.
  • See the moving winners in the Humanitarian / Global category, the place for pieces on NGOs, aid, welfare & global issues including natural or man-made disasters.
  • A closer look at the impressive winning pieces in the Environments & Maps category, the place for work on the natural & built environment, plus any map that doesn’t fit into other categories.


    GOLD ($1000)

    1812: When Napoleon Ventured East by TASS

    Napoleon’s Russian campaign & the stages that eventually led to his army’s defeat.


    SILVER ($500)

    Lights on & Lights out by John Nelson

    Comparing NASA’s new 2016 Earth At Night image to the 2012 version.


    BRONZE ($250)

    Peak Spotting by Mo...

  • Check out the awesome winners of the People, Language & Identity category, home to graphics on identity, drawing on personal & cultural data & the quantified self.