Meet the 2023 Judges

As submissions close tonight, we know submitters are eager to know who will be reviewing their work. 

This year, our panel is made of 53 judges who will lend their expertise and experience to evaluate this year’s submissions.

Our judges represent a mix of data visualization experts from different domains, countries, and languages. Directors, researchers, visual journalists, developers, founders, designers, and engineers, are some of the roles represented in our panel.

The judges for this year’s Awards are listed below:

  • Abhi Sawhney | United States | Analytics & Data Science Leader
  • Aleszu Bajak | United States | Director of Data Visualization at the Urban Institute
  • Amanda Montañez | United States | Graphics Editor at Scientific American
  • Amanda Ward| Australia
  • Amy Cesal | United States | Data Visualization Designer and Instructor at MICA
  • Andy Cotgreave | United Kingdom | Senior Data Evangelist for Tableau
  • Anne-Marie Dufour | Hungary | Data Visualization Engineer at PingThings
  • Attila Bátorfy |Hungary | Master Instructor of Journalism, Media Studies and Information Graphics at the Media Department of Eötvös Loránd University
  • Avinash Gadala | United States | Director of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control(HEIC) IT Operations & Analytics
  • Benjamin Wiederkehr | Switzerland | Founder and Director of Interactive Things
  • Catherine Qian Ma | China | Deputy Director of the Global Communication Lab at China News
  • Chrys Wu | United States | Consultant, Matchstrike
  • Danielle Alberti | United States | Managing Editor, Data Visualization at Axios
  • Denes Csala | United Kingdom | Senior Consultant in Data Storytelling at Infosys Consulting & Data Visualization Lead at the Economics Observatory
  • Duncan Swain | United Kingdom | Co-founder and Creative Director at Beyond Words Studio
  • Emilio Amade | Spain | Infographic Editor at Unidad Editorial
  • Eric Lin | United States | Interdisciplinary Software Engineer & Design/Product Thinker
  • Gaia Scagnetti Hwang | United States | Chairperson Graduate Communications Design, Pratt Institute
  • Giulia De Amicis | Italy | Information designer & Illustrator
  • Gurman Bhatia | India| Founder at Revisual Labs
  • Jacque Schrag | United States | Associate Editor of Visual Journalism at Axios
  • Jan Willem Tulp | The Netherlands | Data Experience Designer and Owner at TULP interactive
  • Jerome Cukier | United States | Staff Engineer at Datadog
  • Jonathan Schwabish, PhD | United States | Senior Fellow at Urban Institute and CEO at PolicyViz
  • Julia Giannella | Brazil | Professor at Universidade Federal Fluminense and Founder/Curator at Dataviz.Rio
  • June Kim | United States | Journalism Fellow at MIT Technology Review
  • Kaiser Fung | United States | Business Leader and Consultant/Advisor in Data Science and Co-Founder at Project D2D
  • Kevin Hamilton | United States | Managing Director for Symphony Analytics
  • Kimberley Lyles-Folkman, PhD | United States | Design Leadership for Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Krisztina Szucs | Hungary | Data Visualization Designer
  • Kuek Ser Kuang Keng | Malaysia | Founder at DataN and Data Editor at Pulitzer Center
  • Kuhu Gupta | United States | Data Visualization Engineer at Illumio
  • Mahadia Tunga | Tanzania | Co-Founder and Executive Director at Tanzania Data Lab (dLab)
  • Max Gadney | United Kingdom | Design Director
  • Michael "Hattie" Hatfield | United States | Director at Symphony Analytics
  • Mihály Minkó | Hungary | Researcher at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design
  • Moritz Stefaner | Germany | Independent Dataviz Expert at Truth & Beauty
  • Msilikale Msilanga | Finland | Project Researcher at the University of Turku
  • Nadieh Bremer | The Netherlands  | Data Visualization Artist
  • Neil Richards | United Kingdom | Data Visualisation Speaker, Author and Blogger
  • Pedro Jiménez | España | Associate Professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts (UPV), Valencia
  • Pei Ying Loh | Singapore | Head & Co-Founder at Kontinentalist
  • Rodolfo Almeida | Brazil | Visual Journalist at Núcleo Jornalismo and Researcher at LabVis/UFRJ
  • Rosemary Ajayi | United Kingdom
  • Sagar Mohite | United States| Manager, Data Visualization at Datadog
  • Shelly Cheng | United States | Data Visualization Developer at The Associated Press
  • Shriyash Shete | United States | Senior Product Designer, Zscaler
  • Simon Kuestenmacher | Australia | Co-Founder & Director of Research at the Demographics Group
  • Simon Rogers | United States | Data Editor at Google
  • Surasti Puri | United Kingdom | Design Lead at Data4Change
  • Vinicius Sueiro | United States | Data Visualization Consultant and Lecturer at the University of Miami
  • Weiyi (Dawn) Cai | South Korea | Senior Editor, Visuals at The New York Times
  • Will Stahl-Timmins | UK | Data Graphics Designer at the BMJ (British Medical Journal)
  • Zan Armstrong | United States | Data Visualization Specialist for Analysis

Judges will work with the following rubric to determine if a submission advances to the next stage of the Awards:

  • Is the work impactful?
  • Is the work engaging?
  • Does the work display clarity of analysis, including clear guidance that makes the visual usable?
  • Is the work innovative and creative, celebrating novel formats and design approaches?
  • Is the work inclusive, including design decisions to aid in accessibility, using appropriate and inclusive language, and considering equity in our representation of different people or groups?
  • Is the work effective, achieving its goals and connecting an audience to the underlying data - which may mean valuing simplicity over complexity?
  • Is the work beautiful, celebrating aesthetic beauty and design broadly?

We extend our gratitude to our judges for their time and commitment to advance data visualization excellence. Join the Data Visualization Society to receive Awards' updates straight to your inbox, or follow us on social media. 

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