• We've shared some really cool data vizualisations via Twitter & Facebook this month.
  • Entry details for the 2017 Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards to be released shortly.
  • Physiology professor Christopher Mason spent 18 months swabbing the subway. Giulia De Amicis visualized the results. 
  • We've celebrated some really cool finds on our Facebook & Twitter pages this month.
  • Amsterdam-based architecture firm XML explore the relationship between parliamentary topology and democracy.
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    Check out this selection of our latest awesome finds:

    A new take on the periodic table. By @valeriopel for @La_Lettura https://t.co/moH6hrWFsJ pic.twitter.com/ZxjYezX7xO

    — Kantar IIB Awards (@infobeautyaward) March 3, 2017

    Explore famous opening lines with old-school sentence diagramming from @PopChartLab @FastCoDesign https://t.co/owlbiVJlKK pic.twitter.com/kdrSuTfSLe

    — Kantar IIB Awards (@infobeautyaward) March 12, 2017

    The repetition of words in s...

  • The fifth annual Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards showcased exemplary data-visualization & infographics from around the world, demonstrating an outstanding range of skill, talen...
  • We share the world's finest data vizualisations & infographics via our Twitter & Facebook pages.
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    Major media outlets cover the Awards – the 2016 Awards were featured in over 30 publications. 

    Check out the highlights below.


    Digital Arts




    La Lettura


    The Washington Post


  • We're thrilled for 2015 champions Stefanie Posavec & Giorgia Lupi, whose winning project Dear Data has been acquired by the Museum of Modern Art as part of their permanent collection.