Following Our Elite Crew of Judges

Keeping track of all the stunning innovations taking place in dataviz, politics, media, art & social research is practically a full-time job. We recommend one clever shortcut to staying abreast of global affairs: keeping an eye on the Information is Beautiful Awards judging team.

These brilliant individuals frequently appear in the news for their groundbreaking contributions to public knowledge. We've curated a collection of inspiring clips here - read on to learn about the incredible things our judges have been up to.


Giorgia Lupi's career and philosophy on data & humanity, featured in The New Yorker


Max Roser, Oxford economist & founder of Our World in Data, quoted in The New York Times on "The Best Year Ever"


Emily Grossman sat on the advisory committee that got Alan Turing on the £50 note - The Guardian


Franklin Leonard's Black List lauded in Vanity Fair for its impact on cinema


Alberto Cairo teaches the world how to avoid being duped by charts - The Economist


Simon Kuestenmacher, co-founder of The Demographics Group, on predicting city growth in The Australian


Alasdair Rae quoted in The Economist on the Conservatives' new voters in the north


Kavindya Thennakoon, co-founder of Without Borders, gave Wellesley's student commencement address and was celebrated in 2015 as a "badass young person making the world a better place"


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