Introducing the 2019 Judges

Our judging panel spans the huge thematic breadth of our Shortlist... from data science, to performance art & sports commentary. Stay tuned for our Meet the Judges series, where we detail the mind-blowing achievements of this elite crew. While you wait, here's the 2019 judge roster in full.


Kim Albrecht | Germany | Previous Gold winner with "Science Paths," 2017. Visual researcher & information designer at metaLAB at Harvard.

Alex Stewart | United Kingdom | Head of Commercial at Tifo Football YouTube Channel.

Silvia Marcon | France | Head of the Chair's Office at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group.

Jerome Cukier | United States | Senior software engineer on Uber’s visualization team.

Rosemary Ajayi | Nigeria | Research director at Digital Africa Research Lab.

Nigel Hawtin | United Kingdom | Information designer & illustrator at

Nadieh Bremer | Netherlands | Previous gold winner with "Bussed Out," 2018. Freelance data visualization designer with Visual Cinnamon

Alessandro Zotta | Italy | Dataviz designer at Accurat, previous gold winner with "On Their Way," 2017.

Paola Dada | Mexico | Data Interpreter for a social & market research agency, Bitacora Social.

Sam Leon | United Kingdom | Data journalist at Global Witness NGO.

Alia Chughtai | Pakistan | Senior Producer at Al Jazeera English.

Rachel Mills | United Kingdom | Founder, RML - literary agency dedicated to positive change.

Alberto Cairo | United States | Previous gold winner with "Rhythm of Food," 2017. Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the School of Communication of the University of Miami.

Anna Powell Smith | United Kingdom | CPO, Flourish

Jan Diehm | United States | Journalist-Engineer at The Pudding, previous winner with "Women's Pockets Are Inferior," 2018.

Simon Kuestenmacher | Australia | Director of Research, The Demographics Group.

Emma Prest | United Kingdom | Chief Technology Officer at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project.

Bronwen Robertson | United Kingdom | Co-founder of DATA4CHANGE, previous winner with "Beyond Bytes," 2014.

Karin Schwandt | Netherlands | Information Designer & founder at Schwandt Information Design.

Stefanie Posavec | United Kingdom | Designer & artist, previous Most Beautiful winner with "Dear Data," 2015.

Rachel Salvidge | United Kingdom | Deputy editor at The ENDS Report.

Jan Willem Tulp | Netherlands | Previous winner with "How Many Trees," 2015. Founder of TULP Interactive.

Andrea Limjoco | Sweden, UK, US | Lead Product Designer at Spotify.

Paolo Ciccuarelli | United States | Professor of Design at Northeastern University, previously with DensityDesign Research Lab, Best Studio winner in 2017.

Emma Whitehead | United Kingdom | Creative Director, Kantar.

​Moritz Stefaner | Germany | Independent designer, consultant and researcher & Truth & Beauty operator. Previous gold winner with "Data Cuisine," 2016.

Amanda Makulec | United States | Data Visualization Lead at Excella.

Shirley Wu | United States | Previous gold winner with "Bussed Out," 2018. Dataviz contractor & consultant.

Leng Montgomery | United Kingdom | Diversity & Inclusion Executive, Cushman & Wakefield.

Emily Grossman | United Kingdom | Science writer, public speaker & TV personality.

Aleksey Novichkov | Russia | Head of TASS infographics studio, previous gold winner with "1812," 2017.

Neil Richards | United Kingdom | Knowledge Director at Data Visualization Society.

Max Roser | United Kingdom | Founder and program director at Our World In Data.

Alasdair Rae | United Kingdom | Urban Planner at University of Sheffield, Maps, Stats n' Pix.

Kuhu Gupta | United States | Visual Storyteller & Master's student at Georgia Tech.

Chrys Wu | United States | Consultant and founder at Hacks/Hackers.

Abby Covert | United States | Senior staff information architect at Etsy.

Renee Parilak Teate | United States | Director of Data Science at HelioCampus.

Shan He | United States | Senior data visualization engineer at Uber, previous winner with "," 2018.

Sisi Wei | United States | Investigative journalist, designer and developer at ProPublica.

Amanda Montañez | United States | Graphics editor & content writer at Scientific American.

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic | United States | Best-selling author & CEO of Storytelling with Data.

Giorgia Lupi | United States | Information designer and partner at Pentagram, previous Most Beautiful winner with "Dear Data," 2015.

Kavindya Thennakoon | United States | Head of Strategy & Co-founder of Without Borders.

David Bizarro | United States | Director, actor & puppeteer, clients including The Jim Henson Company & The Flaming Lips.

Franklin Leonard | United States | Founder & CEO of influential Hollywood screenplay survey The Black List.

Tariq Khokhar | United States | Chief Data Scientist at Rockefeller Foundation.

Russell Goldenberg | United States | Editor at The Pudding, previous gold winner with "The Unlikely Odds," 2017.

Neil Paine | United States | Data & sports analytics at FiveThirtyEight.

Amanda Ward | United States | Data Designer & Communications Director at Data Viz Society.

Julia Wolfe | United States | Visual Journalist at FiveThirtyEight.


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