Rhythm of Food by Moritz Stefaner, Yuri Vishnevsky, Simon Rogers, Alberto Cairo et al.

This interactive data explorer is built by acclaimed designer Moritz Stefaner and his team at Truth & Beauty, using Google Trends data. It’s also the second in the Google News Lab’s series of visual experiments, with the first being a project with Alberto Cairo and the world’s best designers to develop innovative newsroom interactive visualisations.

The aim of the News Lab data visualisation project is to provide not only inspiration but examples too. This is a living dynamic project — right now, the site comprises 195 topics and presents 130,048 individual data points — and we will be adding more over time.
Says Stefaner:
“Looking at shifting interest towards individual ingredients, dishes, and recipes over the years has been fascinating. More than 12 years of weekly Google Trends data supplied us with a rich dataset to explore food trend over the years. But the most interesting revelations happened when we looked at the seasonal rhythm of food in our radial charts. We immediately saw how each vegetable, fruit, dish or drink had its own signature seasonality pattern — some are tied to natural seasons, some to special holidays, some are popular all year long.”

Read more: https://medium.com/google-news-lab/visualizing-the-rhythm-of-food-searches-390c866a740

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