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  • In celebration of our sixth year - and the increasing importance of data visualization - we're upgrading for 2017 with an awesome relaunch.  
  • We've shared some really cool data vizualisations via Twitter & Facebook this month.
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  • Physiology professor Christopher Mason spent 18 months swabbing the subway. Giulia De Amicis visualized the results. 
  • We've celebrated some really cool finds on our Facebook & Twitter pages this month.

    Here's a handful of April's picks for your viewing pleasure.


    Which age group really spends all their time staring at screens? @1843mag https://t.co/BA5HYdjXT2 pic.twitter.com/mSc8UMHqpv

    — Kantar IIB Awards (@infobeautyaward) April 10, 2017


    Enter a tracking number & get a personalised soundtrack based on your delivery route @FedEx https://t.co/gQrr9Ag0ka pic.twitter.com/ZMsUj6g0WQ

    — Kantar IIB Awards (@infobeautyaward) April 12, 2017...
  • Amsterdam-based architecture firm XML explore the relationship between parliamentary topology and democracy.
  • We unearth the world's best dataviz & share it on our Twitter & Facebook pages.
  • The fifth annual Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards showcased exemplary data-visualization & infographics from around the world, demonstrating an outstanding range of sk...
  • We share the world's finest data vizualisations & infographics via our Twitter & Facebook pages.

    Our recent discoveries included some mindblowing maps:

    Real-time influenza forecasts from @reichlab https://t.co/ifpSol8duf #iibawards pic.twitter.com/UVl7mpn9gZ

    — Kantar IIB Awards (@infobeautyaward) January 1, 2017

    The anatomy of America's vast infrastructure in 6 maps. By @Timmeko for @washingtonpost https://t.co/oDKaLXg09W pic.twitter.com/xFBt7cNChg

    — Kantar IIB Awards (@infobeautyaward) December 31, 2016

    Here's how many more Ame...

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