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A common query we receive is how to categorize... shall we say... "unique" visualization projects. We welcome any data-led work that pushes the boundaries of design and expression, producing new ways to understand the world around us. However, if you are submitting work that falls outside the scope of common practice, it can be difficult to know which category is best suited for your entry.

:: Deadline to enter the 2019 Awards: Monday, 9 Sept, 11:59pm PDT


"Physical Diagram - Interventions in Public Space"


The 'Unusual' category has seen delightfully varied works - a love story written in stats, census data you can eat, bank notes generated from Bitcoin. You should select 'Unusual' for your work if the subject matter appears to fall outside the bounds of the other categories, or if you are working in an especially unique, provocative, or vast medium. If you are unsure, go ahead and submit in 'Unusual' and our team will reallocate your entry if necessary.

Keep in mind, our judges are based around the world and there is a public voting round, so we accept digital entries only. If you are submitting a book, sculpture, or other physical object please use photos, videos or other media to capture the essence of your work.

The 2019 IIB Awards are accepting entries in ten categories:

  • Unusual
  • Maps, Places & Spaces
  • Politics & Global
  • Leisure, Games & Sport
  • Arts, Entertainment & Culture
  • Visualization & Information Design
  • Science & Technology
  • Humanitarian
  • People, Language & Identity
  • News & Current Affairs

We look forward to seeing what you've created.


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