2019 Awards Categories

Submit your visualization to one of 10 categories open in this year's Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards. Earn the love, respect & admiration of your dataviz peers (there's some prize money at stake too).

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Public categories 

Gold ($1,000), Silver ($500) and Bronze ($250) in each of the following categories:

Unusual; Maps, Places & Spaces; Politics & Global; Leisure, Games & Sport; Arts, Entertainment & Culture; Visualization & Information Design; Science & Technology; Humanitarian; People, Language & Identity; News & Current Affairs

(Please note that these categories may shift slightly before or after the entry deadline.)

Special Award Categories (at judges' discretion)

$1,000 in each of the following special categories: Community Vote; Best Student; Outstanding Outfit; Best Non-English Language; Outstanding Individual; Rising Star

$5,000 ultimate prize: Most Beautiful 

Each category will be a judged by a panel of 40+ dataviz and subject matter experts, alongside a public vote (opening in October 2019).


Arts, Entertainment & Culture (view last year's shortlisted entries)

Any work concerning culture created for audiences; including art, music, film, theatre, dance, literature, history & food.

2018 category winner:

Frames of Mind by Alberto Lucas Lopez for National Geographic


News & Current Affairs (view last year's shortlisted entries in the 'Breaking News' category)

Innovative dataviz & infographics based on news and topics of current global significance, including politics, finance and economics.

2018 category winner:

How the Thai Cave Rescue Mission Unfolded by South China Morning Post


Science & Technology (view last year's shortlisted entries)

Any work covering topics on science, technology, medicine and health.

2018 category winner:

What Happens to the Plastic We Throw Out by Brian T. Jacobs, Kennedy Elliott & Jason Treat for National Geographic


People, Language & Identity (view last year's shortlisted entries)

About people, worlds, language, personal or cultural data and the quantified self.

2018 category winner:

Simulated Dendrochronology of U.S. Immigration 1790-2016 by Pedro M. Cruz, John Wihbey, Avni Ghael & Felipe Shibuya for National Geographic


Leisure, Games & Sport (view last year's shortlisted entries)

Entries on sport, hobbies, games & leisure pursuits, including hobbies such as eating, making music and painting.

2018 category winner:

Reimagine the Game by Signal Noise


Visualization & Information Design (view last year's shortlisted entries)

Meta stuff looking at the dataviz community itself, or offering guides on charts & graphics.

2018 category winner: by Shan He, Giuseppe Macri, Chris Chua & Abhishek Gupta


Politics & Global (view last year's shortlisted entries)

About society, politics, global, financial or economic issues, not relevant to the News & Current Affairs category.

2018 category winner:

Bussed Out: How American Moves Its Homeless by Nadieh Bremer, Shirley Wu & team at Guardian US.


Maps, Places & Spaces (view last year's shortlisted entries)

Any map, dashboard or visual on the natural or built environment and the people occupying it. 

2018 category winner:

Here's How America Uses Its Land by Dave Merrill & Lauren Leatherby for Bloomberg LP


Humanitarian (view last year's shortlisted entries)

Any viz concerning the aid & charity sector.

2018 category winner:

Life in the Camps by Reuters


Unusual (view last year's shortlisted entries)

Can't find a category that matches your work? Enter it here. Please note that our team may reallocate some entries.

2018 category winner:

M U L T I P L I C I T Y by Moritz Stefaner


Most Beautiful

In addition to the category awards and special prizes, the $5000 Most Beautiful prize will be awarded to the judges' favorite entry across all categories (taking into account, but not completely decided by, overall level of votes).

In 2018 the Northeastern University team led by Pedro M. Cruz received this award for their viz documenting the sweeping history of US immigration - Simulated Dendrochronology of U.S. Immigration 1790-2016.


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