Reimagine the Game by Signal Noise

A big data revolution is reshaping the world – and transforming football. From the first kick to the last, football is flooded with datapoints giving fresh insights into player and team performance. But action on the pitch is only part of the experience. Passionate fan energy can power a team forward and change the course of a game.

By responding to every change of possession, questionable decision or missed chance, the fans give us the perfect lens through which to reimagine the game.

Signal Noise partnered with Siemens for a world-first - ‘Reimagine the game’ - which allows football fans to view FC Bayern matches by listening to thousands of data points captured within key moments in the game.

Using incredibly precise audio detection technology, we created a 3D soundscape that maps the noise within the Allianz Arena. We then analysed the fan noise alongside match data to identify interesting narratives and surface new perspectives on ‘fan energy’ and its interplay with on-pitch performance.

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