Last Minute Entry? We're Here To Help

The deadline for entering the 2019 Information is Beautiful Awards is fast approaching. Here's everything you need to know to successfully submit your most groundbreaking & gorgeous data-led work.

Entries are open until 9 September, 11:59 pm PDT.

Shortlisted creators will receive free tickets to our fabulous ceremony in London - November 2019.


General Guidelines

  • Start here for general Awards information - click the arrows at the bottom for details about fees, categories & what you'll need to provide.
  • Head to the entry form where you'll find detailed guidelines & can begin the entry process.

Account type and fees

  • Decide which type of account is most relevant to you. The account type will inform your Awards entry cost.
  • Members of the public and students may enter their own work for free.
  • A solo practitioner pays $50 per entry. If you represent a media outlet or an NGO/governmental/educational institution the fee is $100. The fee for any agency, studio, brand or company is $200.
  • If you already have an account from previous years, it's worth going back into the account settings & making sure all of the fields are updated and your account type is still accurate.

Choosing a category

  • You can enter your viz in one of our ten categories. If you're not sure which category fits your entry, pick 'Unusual' & our team will re-allocate if necessary. 

Adding text

  • On the entry form be sure to fill out all of the required fields (marked with an asterisk) & confirm by clicking the checkbox at the end.
  • If your work is in a language other than English please include an English translation with your upload/text or send it to our team.

Adding images

  • You absolutely must upload at least one flat image of your work; at least 1024 pixels wide but under 50mb in size (eg a .png, .jpg or a non-animated .gif). This will act as the thumbnail/header for your entry if it gets accepted into our Showcase. We recommend that you upload this image first.
  • As long as you have uploaded one flat image, you may also upload PDFs, animated .gifs and other types of files under 50mb. 
  • Be aware that judges have limited time so they are unlikely to view a downloadable video or app. Instead, host your video/service/animation online and provide a link to it in your text.
  • Our judges are based around the world and there is a public voting round, so we accept digital entries only. If you are submitting a book, sculpture, or other physical object please use photos, videos or other media to capture the essence of your work.
  • Having trouble proceeding to payment? Most users discover it is because they haven't followed the steps above and have not provided at least one flat image. See below for details on how to contact us with technical queries.

Preventing technical problems

  • In some cases users report issues when they use ad blockers or cookie blockers. Please ensure cookies are enabled, whitelist the site & empty cookies - then log back in.
  • Please make sure your browser is updated to the newest version - ideally Chrome or Safari, but also Firefox or Explorer 11, to upload your work.


  • Once you proceed to payment we hand you over to Stripe, which supports Visa, MasterCard, and American Express in the majority of countries, including China (though note that we don't support AliPay.)

Still not working? Contact us before the 9 September, 11:59pm PDT deadline

Contact us with the following information:

  • What you were doing when you encountered the error, including the URL of the page you were on.
  • A screenshot of the error message you're seeing & anything else on the page that might help us identify what is going wrong.
  • Your operating system and browser name/version.

Based on the information you provide, if your technical support query is legitimate & submitted to us before the deadline, we will help you process your entry. Please note that our office is UK based & only responds to queries during the UK working week.

We wish you the best of luck!


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