The Winners: Humanitarian

These creators produced exceptional work on extraordinary subjects. The 'Humanitarian' cateogry features dataviz on topics covering aid, charity/NGOs, disasters & human welfare.

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The Invisible Crime: Are We Failing Victims Of Sexual Violence? by Nicole Precel & team for The Sydney Morning Herald

This multimedia reaction to the paucity of Australian sex crime prosecutions shines a much-needed light on a system that’s clearly failing the victims.



China's Muslim Gulag: Turning The Desert Into Detention Camps by Simon Scarr & team for Reuters

A chilling forensic analysis of satellite data illustrating how Muslim detention camps are expanding at a rapid rate in China.



3,121 Desperate Journeys: Exposing A Week Of Chaos Under Trump's Zero Tolerance by Sam Morris & team for The Guardian

A comprehensive breakdown of one week’s worth of stories highlights the real human cost of the Trump administration's zero tolerance immigration policy.

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