Our Beautiful Trophies and Data-Led Logo

We have to throw some love to our gorgeous trophies... truly beautiful data visualizations in their own right.



These gorgeous cut-glass trophies grew out of branding work completed in 2018 by Mike Brondbjerg and Fabio Bergamaschi. The design incorporates data from the thousands of entries submitted to the Awards since 2012.

"The core circular branding was initially based on the counts and categorisation of previous years’ IIB awards entries. The concept with the 3D data structure was as follows; each Z layer was a year, each radius step out from the centre was a category group, each point was an entry (scaled by votes) and each ringed point was the winning entry in that category." - Mike Brondbjerg, Kultur Design

"I felt really inspired by Mike’s design, and that made my creative process much simpler. Basically what I wanted to do was synthesize the beauty and elegance of his animated art into a much simpler and essential image, so I tried to identify the main elements and explore them visually, combining them with different levels of complexity & mixing them in different ways while playing with sizes and colours." - Fabio Bergamaschi

A keepsake that measures up to the effort, innovation, and boundless creativity that went into each of 2019's winning projects.


The Data Face, Bronze winner in Leisure, Games & Sport


Krisztina Szucs, Silver winner in Visualization & Information Design


Congratulations again to all of the winners. If you have not yet been contacted regarding your trophy, or wish to order a duplicate, please email us.


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