The Winners: Special Awards

Outstanding students, rising stars, impressive outfits - and the Most Beautiful viz of them all. These special prizes are awarded to works deemed exceptional by our panel of expert judges and community of voters.

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Non-English Language

Simulation Shows Which Children Are Adopted (And Which Are Not) In Brazil by Vinicius Sueiro & team, Estadão

With kids rendered as growing plants, this animated story shows how age & disability impact a child’s likelihood of being picked up by a foster parent.


Community Vote

Tour De Drugs - Data Narrative by Hardik Chandrahas

A stimulating narrative exploration of the Tour de France, focusing on the effect of doping on the tournament and the consequent highs and lows of its riders.


Impressive Individual

Migration Waves and Plastic Profusion by Alberto Lucas López.

As well as his shortlisted works on microplastics and on the ebb and flow of human migration, Alberto has produced a large body of work for National Geographic and other publications.


Rising Star

All the Ways of Winning in Sports by Luke Jaaniste, Ideas Whispering

This elegant detailed infographic maps out all the different ways to win in all the different sports. This award goes to the highest scoring individual who's never won before.


Outstanding Outfit

Australian Broadcasting Corporation team with multiple high-scoring entries including Rich School, Poor School: Australia’s Great Education Divide.

The ABC was the highest scoring outfit through their combined entries.


Student (joint winners)

Cartographers of North Korea by Wonyoung So, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Visualizing the collective efforts of “armchair mappers” in a country without internet, revealing technology’s power to penetrate and transcend geopolitical barriers.


Visualizing The History Of Fugazi by Carni Klirs, Maryland Institute College of Art

Obsessively following the career of influential rock band, this digital fanzine embodies the participatory spirit of punk.


Most Beautiful

Explore the Ocean – Interactive Scientific Poster by Science Communication Lab

Interactive 3D animations and data visualizations explain marine science with a multi-touch display for passengers on board expedition ships.

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