Introducing the Judges

With data visualization exploring every imaginable topic in ever more imaginative ways, this year we've retooled categories, focusing not on format but subject matter.

As ever, our jury includes numerous superlative designers, journalists, researchers & coders who understand infographics & data visuals from the inside. And YOU, the dataviz-loving public, influence the results & the community prize.

Now for the first time we're adding subject experts: specialists in art, music, politics, games, science, business and beyond. We hope this combination of perspectives will reflect the increasing ubiquity of visualization in every aspect of today's world.


Max Fraser | Director London Design Guide 

Mona Chalabi | Data Editor Guardian US 

Shaun Savage | Associate Creative Director VICE 

Kim Rees | Head of Data Visualization Capital One 

Alberto Cairo | Knight Chair in Visual Journalism University of Miami 

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic Storytelling with Data

James Harkin Director, Center for Investigative Journalism

Mark ‘Spike’ Stent Multi Grammy Award winning music producer

Nadieh Bremer Data visualiser and astronomer

Andy Cotgreave Technical Evangelism Director, Tableau

Bidisha | Author, journalist, broadcaster and activist

Fernanda B. Viégas Co-Leader, Google “Big Picture” data visualization group

Gyorgyi Galik Senior Design Researcher, Future Cities Catapult

Julien Guillot BiG Infographics Agency Paris

Nigel Hurst CEO, Saatchi Gallery

Alice Taylor  Director, Walt Disney StudioLab

Emma Whitehead Creative Director, Kantar

Gail Cardew Director of Science & Education, The Royal Institution

Giorgia Lupi Accurat co-founder and author of Dear Data

Lorraine Hawkins |  Head of Digital, World Cancer Research Fund

Ritchie King Senior Editor for Data Visualization, FiveThirtyEight

Charles Seife |  Science author and Professor, New York University

David McCandless Creative Director, Information is Beautiful Awards

Kaiser Fung Founder, JunkCharts

Sebastian Majewski Senior Communications Officer, Gates Foundation

Weiyi “Dawn” Cai Data journalist


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:: See the Shortlist & vote for your favourites

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