Meet our Judges: Part 4

The final instalment of our 'meet the judges' series.

Alice Taylor is Director at Walt Disney StudioLab and founder of MakieLab. She has formerly worked as Channel 4's Commissioning Editor, VP of Digital Media for BBC Worldwide Americas and Executive Producer for BBC New Media and Technology. 

@wonderlandblog | StudioLab


Lorraine Hawkins is Head of Digital at the World Cancer Research Fund, where she is responsible for the management and technical development of digital for the UK, Netherlands and Hong Kong. She was previously Creative Director at and Head of Design at Cisiv Ltd. 

Lorraine Hawkins | World Cancer Research Fund


Gail Cardew is Director of Science & Education at The Royal Institution. She was formerly Vice President at Euroscience, where she continues in her capacity as board member. 

@gailsci | The Royal Institution


Emma Whitehead is Creative Director at Kantar and Managing Director at Graphic Digital Agency. She was formerly Head of Digital Agency at Guardian News and Media. 

@MMAWhitehead Kantar 


Giorgia Lupi is co-founder and Design Director at Accurat, a data-driven research, design and innovation firm. With Stefanie Posevec, she authored Information is Beautiful Award-winning Dear Data, which is now available as a stunning 300-page book and is part of MOMA's permanent collection. 

@giorgialupi | Accurat


Ritchie King is Senior Editor for Data Visualization at FiveThirtyEight. He has previously worked at Quartz, Bloomberg and The New York Times.

@RitchieSKing | FiveThirtyEight


Kaiser Fung is a data visualization critic who blogs at Junk Charts. He is founder of Principal Analytics Prep, a premier data analytics bootcamp based in New York City. He has recently published two books – Numbers Rule Your World and Numbersense – on statistical thinking in everyday life. 

@junkcharts | JunkCharts


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