Meet our Judges: Part 1

We've brought together a superlative panel - some dataviz gurus & others experts in specific categories - whose votes join yours to decide the winners. 

Max Fraser is Director at London Design Guide and Editor-in-Chief and Director at Spotlight Press. He is a contributing Design Editor at Newsweek and was formerly Deputy Director of London Design Festival.

@maxfraserdesignLondon Design Guide 


Mona Chalabi is currently Data Editor at Guardian US, having previously worked at FiveThirtyEight, the Bank of England, the Economist Intelligence Unit, Transparency International and the International Organisation for Migration. 

@MonaChalabi  | Guardian US 


Shaun Savage is Associate Creative Director at VICE and Managing Partner at Flesh and Bone Studios, whose clients include Rita Ora, Vogue and Channel 4. He was formerly Culture Director at Creature of London. 



Kim Rees is Head of Data Visualization at Capital One and co-founder of socially-conscious data visualization firm Periscopic. Using data with empathy and decency is her passion. 

@kreesCapital One


Alberto Cairo is the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the University of Miami and author of The Functional Art and The Truthful Art. He was formerly Director for Infographics and Multimedia at Editora Globo, and has taught and consulted on visual journalism and design in over 20 countries. 

@albertocairo | University of Miami


Weiyi "Dawn" Cai is a visual communicator and information designer. She is currently a Data Journalist with Reuters Graphics, and formerly worked at The Washington Post. 

@dawncai624 | Reuters Graphics


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