Data Viz Project by Ferdio is a comprehensive archive of data visualizations. The website presents all relevant and popular data visualizations, so you can find the right visualization and get inspired how to do it with great examples.

There are already a lot of tools, libraries, books and posters out there about data visualizations, but most of these have their very own objective like finding the proper development tool or providing an overview. But DVP is unique in terms of:

- Volume: With more than 150 data visualizations (still counting), it’s the most comprehensive collection of types.
- Inspiration: Get inspired by the many different ways to visualize data, and get presented by interesting creative examples.
- Search: Finding new ways to visualize your data can be tricky and quite time-consuming. DVP makes it possible to find types in many new ways.

DVP is not limited to data analysts, graphic designers or heavy Excel users. It's intended to serve as great value and inspiration for everyone with the need of visualizing data wanting to find new ways of doing so whether it’s for students, researchers, journalists, designers or someone else.

The site is created and managed by Ferdio - an infographic and data visualization agency in Copenhagen transforming data and information into captivating visuals.

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