The Shortlist: Science & Technology

In addition to lovely design and truly creative data presentation, these shortlisted works feature new ways of examining & understanding our planet, our solar system, and our bodies.

:: Science & Technology Shortlist


Can One Earthquake Trigger Another On The Other Side Of The World?

By William Chase


Super Kamiokande

By ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - Ben Spraggon: Design, Illustration, Animation, Production; Colin Gourlay: Development; Jake Sturmer: Reporting; Yumi Asada: Photography, Reporting; Josh Byrd: Additional Development; Matt Martino: Production; Cristen Tilley: Editor; Matt Liddy: Editor


Plastic Profusion

By National Geographic - Alberto Luca López; Ryan T. Williams and Clare Trainor


A Visual Introduction To Machine Learning—Part II: Model Tuning And The Bias-Variance Tradeoff

By Stephanie Yee and Tony Chu


A Plastic Coral

By Yang Dongwook, Sejong University


Information Visualization Design Under The Overview Of Antibiotic Resistance

By Fan Mingyao, Nanjing University Of the Arts


The Buran. The Soviet Space Shuttle Success Story

By TASS Russian News Agency - Authors: Kristina Nedkova, Timur Fekhretdinov; Editors: Alexander Bychkov, Sabina Vakhitova; Translator: Andrei Starkov; Style editor: Philip Aghion; 3D-model: Alexander Volkov, Ananstasia Zotova; Photo-editor: Pavel Kukolev; Video editor: Maxim Makarov; Art Director: Anton Mizinov


Missions To The Moon

By Science Focus - Valentina D'Efilippo


How To Profit In Space: A Visual Guide

By The Wall Street Journal - Team members: Yaryna Serkez, Joel Eastwood, Robert Wall


Space Junk

By - Art Editor: Joe Eden; News Editor: Jason Goodyer; Data visualization by Federica Fragapane for BBC Science Focus


Explore The Ocean – Interactive Scientific Poster

By Science Communication Lab -  Scientific Concept & Research: Dr. Susanne Landis; Concept, Art Direction & 3D Design: Konrad Rappaport; Interface & Informationdesign: Manuel Reitz; Software & Programming: Luna Gann; Project supervision & Concept: Prof. Tom Duscher


Visualizing Shark Numbers

By Julia Janicki, Jacki Whisenant


A Map Of 18000 Asteroids In The Solar System

By Eleanor Lutz, University of Washington Biology Department


The UK Energy Landscape

By Luna 9 - Michael Green - Managing Director Owen Davies - Creative Director


Drowning In Plastic: Visualising The World’s Addiction To Plastic Bottles

By Reuters - Simon Scarr; Marco Hernandez; Manas Sharma


Fish World

By Manuel Bortoletti; Art direction: Angelo Rinaldi, Francesco Franchi


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