The Shortlist: Maps, Places & Spaces

Charts, graphs, and plenty of maps showing how people move, settle, cultivate & otherwise transform our world.

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Cartographers Of North Korea

By Wonyoung So, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Earth At Night, Mountains Of Light

By Jacob Wasilkowski


Ocean Shock: The Planet’s Hidden Climate Change

By Reuters - Maurice Tamman; Matthew Green; Mari Saito; Shannon Stapleton; Edgar Su; Sylvain Cherkaoui; Pedro Nunes; Issei Kato; Clodagh Kilcoyne; Audrey Anderson; Adam Weisen; Jillian Kitchener; Matthew Stock; Clodagh Kilcoyne; Andrew Garcia Phillips; Maryanne Murray; Matthew Weber; Sarah Slobin; Troy Dunkley; Catherine Tai; Pete Hausler; Charlie Szymanski


The Future Of Arctic Shipping

By The Wall Street Journal - Yaryna Serkez, Renée Rigdon, Costas Paris



By OneSoil Team


In A Warming World, The Fight For Water Can Push Nations Apart - Or Bring Them Together

By Quartz and The Texas Observer - Zoë Schlanger, Naveena Sadasivam, Daniel Wolfe, David Yanofsky


Learning From Toronto. An Experiment In Participatory Urban Data Visualization (Part 1)

By York University - Andrea Giambelli


Trails Of Wind

By Figures CC - David Elsche, Steffen Hänsch, Sascha Collett


A Flight Against Time

By Jordan Vincent


Mercator. It’s A Flat, Flat World

By TASS Russian News Agency - Authors: Daria Donina, Timur Fekhretdinov; Editors: Sabina Vakhitova, Kristina Nedkova; Illustrator: Anastasia Zotova; Art director: Anton Mizinov; Translator: Andrei Starkov; Style editor: Philip Aghion


The Fight For Nigeria's Heartland

By Reuters - Michael Ovaska, Lea Desrayaud, Afolabi Sotudne, Ryan McNeill, Alexis Akwagyiram; Editing by Giles Elgood


How The UK Transformed Its Electricity Supply In Just A Decade

By Carbon Brief - Simon Evans: wrangled data and wrote analysis; Rosamund Pearce: created interactive


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