The Shortlist: Visualization & Information Design

These top-notch visualizations will turn you into a better practitioner of dataviz - a better storyteller, better artist & better technician. Read on to explore all of the shortlisted works in the Visualization & Information Design category.

Voting closes in all categories on 21 October, 11:59 pm PDT.


TwoTone: A Free Web App To Turn Data Into Sound And Music

By Google News Lab - Datavized/Development; Simon Rogers - Google News Lab; Alberto Cairo - Consultant



By Giovanni Magni


Infographic Of The Nine Chapters On The Mathematical Art

By Zhèn Qī and Team, Nanjing University Of The Arts - Zhǐdǎo Lǎoshī: Dān Xiǎo qiū, Shī Yuè, Chén Hào, Li Miǎn [指导老师:单筱秋,师悦,陈皓,厉勉]


Info We Trust: How To Inspire The World With Data

By RJ Andrews

By Ilya Boyandin


Viz.Photos: Discover The Data Behind Unsplash

By r42 - Ralph Spandl


DrWhy.AI – Data Visualizations For Explainable AI

By Hanna Piotrowska, University of Warsaw - DALEX is part of DrWhy.AI universe, created by Przemysław Biecek and MI^2 DataLab


Data Visualization Society: Data Driven Logo

By Amy Cesal, co-creator (Concept and Design); Elijah Meeks, co-creator (D3 generator); Mollie Pettit, co-creator (skill scale)


Plot Parade

By Krisztina Szucs


VR-Viz: Visualization System For Virtual Reality

By Mustafa Saifee, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture


Market Cafe Magazine - A Zine About Data Visualization

By Market Cafe Magazine - Tiziana Alocci, co-founder and art director; Piero Zagami, co-founder and art director



By - Jan Schwochow: Editor-in-Chief; Sabine Devins: Managing Editor; Art Direction: Anton Delchmann, Jakub Chrobok; Designers: Daniela Scharffenberg, Maximilian Nertinger, Katja Günther, Taisia Tikhnovetskaya, Monica Alejandra Rodriguez Sosa, Ronny Träger, Gorm Labenz, Michael Kreil, Friederike von Polenz, Vanessa Gonschorek; Research & Editing: Juliane Grebin, Anni Peller, Anja Rieckert; Tech: Tom Nick, Carol Leung, Ahmed Adbel-Halim



By Microsoft - Led by Dave Brown in the Visualization and Interactive Data Analysis (VIDA) team


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