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INFO.GRAPHICS is a new website dedicated to data vis and data-driven storytelling. From deep-dives into historical events to analysis of what numbers really mean, INFO.GRAPHICS curates stories to enable a better understanding of the world through visualizations – and have a little fun along the way. Stories on INFO.GRAPHICS are built on a proprietary software that enables graphic designers to create scrollytelling visualisations without code.

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    Jan Schwochow: Editor-in-Chief; Sabine Devins: Managing Editor; Art Direction: Anton Delchmann, Jakub Chrobok; Designers: Daniela Scharffenberg, Maximilian Nertinger, Katja Günther, Taisia Tikhnovetskaya, Monica Alejandra Rodriguez Sosa, Ronny Träger, Gorm Labenz, Michael Kreil, Friederike von Polenz, Vanessa Gonschorek; Research & Editing: Juliane Grebin, Anni Peller, Anja Rieckert; Tech: Tom Nick, Carol Leung, Ahmed Adbel-Halim; Silvio Haedrich
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