Info We Trust: How To Inspire The World With Data by RJ Andrews

INFO WE TRUST shows you how to make information people can believe in. I wrote it for everyone who not only wants to understand and see things better, but also wants to help other people see things better too. I promise that reading INFO WE TRUST will embolden you to do great things with data. Along the way, you will experience a tremendous adventure story through the great saga of our information civilization.

As a brief description, you should know that INFO WE TRUST is built on a unique graphic system that weaves three narratives into one harmonious flow. The main text in black is the page-turning workhorse. Over 300 original illustrations put the lessons into practice. Blue marginalia add flashes of inspiration. The book is packed with new charts and boasts several data stories that can only be experienced by reading a book. You can see much more about the book's construction across a series of design essays at

I am very proud of INFO WE TRUST and have been delighted by the incredible response by its first readers. Here's what they have to say:

"I never imagined the first chapter of a book about data would make me teary-eyed. I feel so empowered and brave"

"I hope it is as widely read as possible - it has the potential to significantly nudge technology back to humanity, for humanity"

"it opened doors to unexpected worlds"

"It shows that data visualization is not just about how we analyze data or see visual patterns but is connected in a much broader way to how we experience and understand the world."

"Andrews lets you — leads you — to discover by his side"

"Info We Trust is unlike any other data vis book I’ve read. It's not a how-to manual, but a way of thinking about information and how we share it."

"dazzling marginalia"

"Its elegant drawings and magical use of metaphors captivated me"

"I audibly gasped when I revealed the final chapel orientation diagram"

“The last time I came across a book that intertwined so many ideas, it was Hofstadter's Goedel Escher Bach"

"It is, as its title suggests, inspiration"

"He really shows how data vis connects to the world at large"

"Info We Trust inspires me to push harder in my own work."

"What makes the book powerful is not just the erudition, trans-disciplinary approach - it's the soul behind the storytelling of the book which in its narrative and illustrations shows the reader the way to use information to connect with humans on a higher level than perception and cognition."

"Reading the book is a joyous experience"

"You will turn the final page both sated, and energized and equipped to go forth and do more."

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