A Plastic Coral by Yang Dongwook, Sejong University

A Plastic Coral is a beautiful infographic expressing the plastic waste that we littered as if it is the coral reef. The ironic expression of this infographic is not to only create a visual aesthetic, but to to raise awareness for viewers. Each plastic coral holds an important message and dense information. Based on the characteristics, usage and classification of plastic, it was divided into 7 types of plastic. Out of these, the 5 most used types of plastic (PET/PS/PVC/PP/PE) were expressed graphically. The graphic measurements of the output, amount of recycling and the recycling ratio produced by the South Korean ERP system from 2010 to 2016 were used as the foundation of the graphics. The waste that we produce every day is floating around somewhere in the ocean for a very long time. The future ocean might look marvelous from far away, but it’ll be filled with plastic debris. Provided that we do not find a solution, there will be no option but to accept the irrevocable Plastic Coral Ecosystem.

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