The Shortlist: Leisure, Games & Sport

This category covers diverting pastimes, world-class competition, and the relentless pursuit of goals. Be inspired by the incredible heights reached by the shortlisted works in our 'Leisure, Games & Sport' list.


Biovotion Augment

By Interactive Things - Christoph Schmid, Design Lead, Interactive Things; Jan Wächter, Senior Interaction Designer; Anna Wiederkehr, Interaction Designer


The Kit War

By Joseph Berkner


All The Ways Of Winning In Sports

By Luke Jaaniste


Live BMX Data Visualization

By CLEVER°FRANKE - Creative Director: Thomas Clever, Gert Franke; Designer: Roel de Jonge, Joost Mommers; UX Designer: Joe Chrisman, Wouter van Dijk; Creative Development: Wilco Tomassen


Basketball Tower Charts

By Andrew Garcia Phillips,


The Irregular Outfields Of Baseball

By The DataFace - Sam Vickars (Design/Development/Analysis)


Kohli's Path To 10,000 Runs, Charted

By Vignesh Shenoy


Kekki Explains Mobile Games

By Elias Chafloque & Jackeline Chafloque


Tour De Drugs - Data Narrative

By Hardik Chandrahas


Legends, One-Club Men And Journeymen

By Fútbolismo - Carlo Zapponi & Francesco Mistrulli


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