The Shortlist: News & Current Affairs

Visualizing the news is complex, often rushed, and subject to the shifting pressures of on-the-ground events. These shortlisted creators have produced spectacular work in often challenging circumstances - read on for the astounding projects in our 'News & Current Affairs' category.


Ahead Of The Fire

By USA Today - Pamela Ren Larson; Dennis Wagner; Ramon Padilla; Mitchell Thorson; Ryan Marx; Karl Gelles; Michael Squires; Josh Susong; Shawn Sullivan.


Could Your Police Department Be Inflating Rape Clearance Rates?

By ProPublica and Newsy - Lena V. Groeger, ProPublica; Mark Fahey and Mark Greenblatt, Newsy


Zones Of Silence (Zonas De Silencio)

By Google News Lab & El Universal - Coordination: Esteban Román Alonso; Analysis: Elsa Hernández and Jesús Caudillo Martínez; Development: Gilberto Leon Martagón, Edson Arroyo Hernández, César Saavedra Gómez; Design: Miguel Ángel Garnica Mejía; Data gathering: Isis García Martínez; Google News Initiative: Simon Rogers, Jenny Lee, Dale Markowitz; Consultant: Alberto Cairo


Rich School, Poor School: Australia’s Great Education Divide

By ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - Inga Ting (data journalist); Nathanael Scott (developer); Alex Palmer (designer); Ri Liu (developer); Michael Workman (audience development producer)


What People In Switzerland Worry About

By SRF Data - Angelo Zehr, SRF Data; Felix Michel; Julian Schmidli; Tania Boa


How Kerala’s Dams Failed To Prevent Catastrophe

By Reuters - Simon Scarr; Vinod Kumar; Jin Wu; Rajshree Deshmukh; Prasanta Kr Dutta; Weiyi Cai; Euan Rocha; Rajendra Jadhav; Promit Mukherjee


Fewer Fireworks For Celebration, Better Air Quality To Start The New Year

By - Yasai Wang; Liangxian Chen; Jingran Zhang; Yan Lu


Tensions Rise In The World’s Most Strategic Oil Chokepoint

By Reuters - Samuel Granados, Lea Desrayaud, Wen Foo and Michael Ovaska at Reuters Graphics


Counting The Cost Of The Education Revolution

By ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) - Inga Ting (data journalist); Nathanael Scott (developer); Alex Palmer (designer); Ri Liu (developer); Jack Fisher (video journalist); Natasha Robinson (education reporter); Michael Workman (audience development producer)


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