The Shortlist: Humanitarian

Stories of detention. Migration. Violence. War. And all of the ways that humans... starting with the data journalists covering these stories... are fighting back.


The Healthy Marketplace Index

By Health Care Cost Institute - Bill Johnson, Senior Researcher; Kevin Kennedy, Researcher; Sally Rodriguez, Chief of Staff & Director of Products; John Hargraves, Senior Researcher; Niall Brennan, President & CEO


Dark Figure Of Crime In Russia

By Maria Bublik & Natalia Toganova


Racial Disparities In Illinois Traffic Stops

By Mollie Pettit; Chris Kucharczyk - Data Scientist; Alex Alleavitch - Front-End Engineer


The Last Stronghold

By Reuters - Samuel Granados; Editing: Sarah Slobin, Matthew Weber and Ellen Francis


3,121 Desperate Journeys: Exposing A Week Of Chaos Under Trump's Zero Tolerance

By The Guardian US - Reporters: Julia Carrie Wong; Olivia Solon; Margaret Katcher; Patrick Timmons. Reporting assistant: Simon Campbell. Data Analysis: Pamela Duncan. Design and Development: Sam Morris. Illustration: Katherine Lam. Copy Editing: Charlotte Simmonds. Translation: Katie Schlechter. Special thanks to Francisco Navas and Chris Taylor.


The Invisible Crime: Are We Failing Victims Of Sexual Violence?

By Fairfax Media Limited - REPORTERS Nicole Precel, Rachael Dexter & Eleanor Marsh; DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT Soren Frederiksen; DATA Craig Butt; DESIGN DIRECTION Mark Stehle; EDITING Richard Hughes; PHOTOGRAPHY Simon Schluter & Eddie Jim


Simulation Shows Which Children Are Adopted (And Which Are Not) In Brazil

By Estadão - Bruno Ponceano; Mariana Cunha; Júlia Marques


Visualizing Yemen's Invisible War

By DATA4CHAN.GE - Surasti Puri - design; Layla E. Picard at Yemen Peace Project - writing; staff of Yemen Peace Project - collecting interviews for this story in San’a, Sa’dah, and al-Hudaydah. Journalist Mohammed Ali Kalfood contributed additional interviews from al-Hudaydah. Air strike data from Yemen Data Project.


The Force Report Visualization

By NJ Advance Media - Yan Wu


China's Muslim Gulag: Turning The Desert Into Detention Camps

By Reuters - Simon Scarr; Weiyi Cai; Christian Inton


The United States Water Crisis

By Andrew Levinson


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