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Experience global news and political intrigue like never before - featuring bold reporting, vibrant colour and clear design. Read on for the Shortlisted entries in our 'Politics & Global' category.


Portrait of Brexit Britain: A Divided Nation Makes a Journey Into the Unknown

By Kitty Donaldson, Andre Tartar, Alex Morales, Charlotte Ryan, Jess Shankleman, Sam Dodge, Mira Rojanasakul, Cedric Sam, Rodney Jefferson, Rob Dawson, Julius Domoney, Eugene Reznik, Olivia Harris, David Levenson, Luke MacGregor, Chris Ratcliffe, Abigail Morgan & Jeremy Scott Diamond at Bloomberg LP


Elected Leaders are Making the World Less Democratic

By Lauren Leatherby & Mira Rojanasakul at Bloomberg LP


Bussed Out: How American Moves Its Homeless

By Nadieh Bremer, Shirley Wu, Alastair Gee, Julia Carrie Wong, Paul Lewis, Adithya Sambamurthy, Charlotte Simmonds & and more from the Guardian staff


The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant

By Anna Flagg


What Happened to All the Jobs Trump Promised?

By Isaac Arnsdorf & Lena Groeger at Propublica


Art of the March Archive

By Alessandra Renzi, Dietmar Offenhuber, Nathan Felde, Siqi Zhu, Christopher Pietsch, Navarjun Grewal & Colleen Curtis at Northeastern University


Why Djibouti is Home to China's First Foreign Military

By Dennis Wong, Dan Bland & Darren Long at South China Morning Post


The Worst Tweeter in Politics Isn't Trump

By Dhrumil Mehta, Oliver Roeder & Gus Wezerek at FiveThirtyEight


The Atlas for Economic Complexity

By the Atlas Team at Harvard’s Center for International Development


How the Populist Right is Redrawing the Map of Europe

By Andre Tartar, Hayley Warren, Cedric Sam, Sam Dodge & Jeremy Scott Diamond at Bloomberg LP


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