The Shortlist: Leisure, Games & Sport

World-class dataviz creators are just like the rest of us - they enjoy football, stargazing, and hanging out with their favourite dogs (and utilizing their design skills to visualize these delightful pursuits). Read on for more Shortlisted entries in our 'Leisure, Games & Sport' category.


20 year history of national team appearances in the FIFA World Cup

By Sonja Kuijpers at Studio Terp


Visualising Tommy Fleetwood's U.S. Open Performance

By Matt Miller with The 15th Club


Shifting Gears: Visualizing Cycle Rides

By Hardik Chandrahas with the National Institute of Design


Let's Go For a Ride

By Nathaniel Haefner at Texas State University


Reimagine the Game

By Anna Dziubinska, Ben Willers, Benjamin Royer, Chris Brown, Chris Hawes, Jemma Long, Louis De Fouchier, Lucia Kocincova, Matt Falla, Matt Rowett, Paul Button, Ryan Garratt, Valentina D'Efilippo & Zdenek Hynek at Signal Noise


20 Years 20 Titles

By Angelo Zehr, Julian Schmidli, Duc-Quang Nguyen, Tania Boa & Luc Guillemot at SRF Data


2017 MLB Pitcher Heatmaps

By Jacob Olsufka


2018 World Cup Predictions

By Jay Boice, Rachael Dottle & Gus Wezerek at FiveThirtyEight


Patches Of Brilliance

By Andrew Garcia Phillips with & Reuters


A Night Under The Stars

By Jordan Vincent


50 Years of World Cup Doppelgangers

By Jay Boice, Rachael Dottle & Gus Wezerek at FiveThirtyEight


Good Dogs

By Travis Hartman at Reuters


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