The Shortlist: Visualization & Information Design

As a dataviz fan, you've come to the right place. We have a blog on the making of better charts, tools for selecting the best visual for the job, and games that will help keep your graphic identification skills sharp. It's all here in our 'Visualization & Information Design' category.


Charticulator: Interactive Construction Of Bespoke Chart Layouts

By Donghao Ren, Bongshin Lee, Matthew Brehmer, Nathan Evans, Kate Lytvynets, David Tittsworth & Chris Trevino at Microsoft Research


Match It Game

By Jonathan Schwabish & Severino Ribecca (


Polyarea Chart

By Alex Katona


From Data to Viz

By Conor Healy & Yan Holtz


Pixel Chart

By Andrei Kaschcha

By Shan He, Giuseppe Macri, Chris Chua, Abhishek Gupta & Shan He



By Roman Sverdan


Chartable. A Blog by Datawrapper.

By David Kokkelink, Mirko Lorenz, Gregor Aisch, Ivan Lokhov, Anna Thieme, Lisa Charlotte Rost, Hendrick Bartush, Elana Levin Schtulberg & Hans Hack at Datawrapper


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I'm shortlisted - what happens next?

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