Diagrammm by Roman Sverdan

Diagrammm: Beyond the Image

Data visualization has become a modern tool of communication that reveals a power of data. With it help stories hidden in figures could be told in a clear and consistent way. It saves teller’s and an audience’s time, underlines significant parts of a message, helps to shape a narrative. An image becomes an integral part of the story. And the more important is this part, the more accurate and precise it should be. So, how this precision and accuracy may be reached? Diagrammm project offers the answer to this question.

Diagrammm has been developed as an online source of the data visualization grammar. It could be treated as a handbook of how to design various types of visualizations in an appropriate and adequate manner. It is about the basic, fundamental principles of good information graphics.

Very often creative and revolutionary visualizations, however, break some of these fundamentals. And, as a result, even ingenious graphics could lead to misunderstanding and confusion. That is why it is so important that even the most innovative visualizations are backed by the strict following of the visualization grammar postulates. Otherwise, an attractive design will not bring more understanding and clarity to a told story. Equally, the same weaknesses refer to the simplest types of visualizations. Diagrammm has offered organized, structured, and detailed manuals of how to omit the above-mentioned weaknesses and pitfalls, and make a final visual product consistent, reliable, and accurate.

Moreover, Diagrammm provides the list of references, books and other supplementary materials that were used as the sources of the information. Following the list users will be able to dive deeper into the topics concerned with specific types of visualizations.

Diagrammm will be useful for broad audiences - both experienced data visualization users and beginners. The former will be able to improve and polish their graphics and the latter will know from the very beginning how to do visualizations in a right way.

Diagrammm website is completely created and managed by Roman Sverdan who is an information designer from Lviv, Ukraine. The Project is an author's pet project that has been grown up step by step during last year. So far, the website contains seventeen charts and there are more than a hundred to come.

Every single chart on the website is created by the author and published on the website in the SVG format that makes it easy to use on any type of screen. And it doesn't matter what is the resolution of your screen - the charts always look beautiful.

If we speak the same data visualization language, let’s improve our grammar basics. It will contribute to both the quality and clarity of our communication.