The Shortlist: Maps, Places & Spaces

Travel with Mozart in Germany, follow airships and icebreakers in the Arctic, go fishing in China. Explore the Shortlisted entries in 'Maps, Places & Spaces' to learn more about critical events across the world - or perhaps in your neighbourhood.


One Year Past, No End in Sight

By Reuters - Weiyi Cai, Simon Scarr & Jin Wu


Spring is Springing Earlier and Earlier

By The Washington Post - Lauren Tierney, Aaron Williams & Armand Emamdjomeh


The 'Peak Hour' Project

By Fairfax Media Limited - Soren Frederiksen, Craig Butt, Timna Jacks, Trisnadi Kurniawan, Mark Stehle, Mex Cooper, Conal Hanna, Matt O'Sullivan, Nigel Gladstone, Tom McKendrick, Kelly Bergsma, Ruth McCosker, Danielle Cronin, Kathryn Wicks, Emma Young & Franziska Rimrod


Here's How America Uses its Land

By Bloomberg LP - Dave Merrill & Lauren Leatherby


City Street Network Orientations Around the World

By Geoff Boeing


Does Your District Draw School Zones To Increase Segregation?

By Vox - Alvin Chang


Italia: The Airship Crash Chronicle

By TASS Russian News Agency - Darya Donina, Timur Fekhretdinov, Alexander Bychkov, Sabina Vakhitova, Anastasia Zotova, Alexander Volkov, Anton Mizinov, Andrei Starkov & Philip Aghion


Visualizing Every Assessment

By Eugene Chen at Darkhorse Analytics


Casting a Wider Net

By Reuters - Jin Wu, Weiyi Cai & Simon Scarr


Streetscapes - Mozart, Marx and a Dictator

By Zeit Online - Kai Biermann, Paul Blickle, Astrid Geisler, Flavio Gortana, Tom Lazar, Dr. Andreas Loos, Fabian Mohr, Karsten Polke-Majewski, Julian Stahnke, Alexa Steinbrück, Sascha Venohr & Andreas Zeidler


How far is too far? An analysis of driving times to abortion clinics in the US

By Russell Goldenberg, Amber Thomas, Jan Diehm & Caitlyn Ralph with The Pudding


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