The 'Peak Hour' project by The Age

Fairfax’s ‘Peak Hour’ combined old-fashioned with data journalism, video and interactive storytelling to chart the rise of Australia’s urban traffic woes, engaging its readers with insights tailored to their individual commutes.

Featuring 5 interactive visualisations woven through 13 stories across 4 mastheads, ‘Peak Hour’ represented a step-up in the quality of new editorial experiences at Fairfax and in the ambition of its technical lead, a developer of less than 2 years’ full-time experience.

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    Soren Frederiksen (Developer), Craig Butt (Journalist), Timna Jacks (Journalist), Trisnadi Kurniawan (Designer), Mark Stehle (Designer), Mex Cooper (Editor), Conal Hanna (Editor), Matt O'Sullivan (Journalist), Nigel Gladstone (Journalist), Tom McKendrick (Video), Kelly Bergsma (Video), Ruth McCosker (Journalist), Danielle Cronin (Editor), Kathryn Wicks (Editor), Emma Young (Journalist), Franziska Rimrod (Editor)
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