The Winners: Science & Technology

Discover the talented winners in the Science & Technology category, for images on technology, science, medicine & health.


GOLD ($1000)

Science Paths by Kim Albrecht

Studying the productivity & impact throughout thousands of scientific careers.


SILVER (tied - $500)

Why Are so Many Babies Born around 8:00 A.M.? by Nadieh Bremer, Zan Armstrong, Scientific American

Analysing the number of babies born across different time frames.


SILVER (tied - $500)

Seeing Theory by Daniel Xiang

Presenting visual explanations for statistics concepts.


BRONZE ($250)

Nutrition Label by Vivek Menon

A conceptual redesign of the nutrition label found on packaged food products.



Apollo by Paul Button

A visual history of every manned Apollo flight.



This is the tangled future of tech and transportation by Skye Gould, Business Insider

A graphical representation of the complicated web of ride-hailing & self-driving cars.


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