The Winners: Sports, Games & Leisure

Explore the outstanding winners from the Sports, Games & Leisure category, the place for graphics on anything to do with sporting pursuits, games, & leisure activities.


GOLD ($1000)

Rhythm of Food by Moritz Stefaner, Yuri Vishnevsky

Using 12+ yrs of Google Trends data to explore food trends.


SILVER ($500)

Swimming World Records throughout History by Irene de la Torre Arenas

Exploring how much swimming has improved over the 20th Century.


BRONZE (tied - $250)

NYC Foodiverse by Will Su

Food quality & customer experience in all Manhattan restaurants.


BRONZE (tied - $250)

What city is the microbrew capital of the US? by Russell Goldenberg, The Pudding

Surprise: the best craft beers in America don’t come from New York.



Berlin Marathon 2016: how fast your city runs by Berliner Morgenpost

An interactive map allowing users to follow the Berlin Marathon in time-lapse.


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