The Winners: Humanitarian / Global

See the moving winners in the Humanitarian / Global category, the place for pieces on NGOs, aid, welfare & global issues including natural or man-made disasters.


GOLD ($1000)

The Shadow Peace - The Nuclear Threat by Neil Halloran

Part of a documentary series that asks thought-provoking questions about war, peace, and humanity.


SILVER ($500)

The Point Of No Return - How the world is adapting to climate change by Density Design

Analyzing how the international community is acting to mitigate climate change.


BRONZE ($250)

How a Melting Arctic Changes Everything by Eric Roston, Blacki Migliozzi, Bloomberg

A narrative & animated map showing the global impact of ‘Arctic amplification’.



Those Who Did Not Cross by Levi Westerveld

Visualizing those who’ve lost their lives trying to reach European shores.



The Stories Behind a Line by Federica Fragapane

A visual narrative of six asylum seekers' routes from their hometown to Italy.


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