2016 Winners - Data Journalism

GOLD ($1,000) Spies in the Skies by Peter Aldhous & Charles Seife for Buzzfeed  (USA)

Analysing flight data to show the hundreds of federal planes spying on American citizens.


SILVER ($500) Science Isn't Broken by Christie Aschwanden & Ritchie King for FiveThirtyEight (USA)

See what it’s like for scientists to prove statistical significance by "p-hacking" on your own.


BRONZE (tied - $250) Film Dialogue by Hanah Anderson & Matt Daniels for Polygraph (USA)

2,000 screenplays broken down by gender and age.


BRONZE (tied - $250) Crime in Context by Gabriel Dance & Tom Meagher for The Marshall Project (USA)

Is crime in America rising or falling?


HONOURABLE MENTION The Math of Mass Shootings by Bonnie BerkowitzLazaro GamioDenise LuKevin UhrmacherTodd Lindeman for The Washington Post (USA)

The deadliest mass shootings of the past 50 years, visualized.


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