2016 Winners - Interactive

GOLD ($1,000) by Duncan Clark & Robin Houston at Kiln; data from UCL (UK)

An interactive map of commercial shipping movements.


SILVER (tied - $500) What’s Your Pay Gap? by Lam Thuy VoJessica Ma Paul Overberg for The Wall Street Journal (USA)

Gender pay gap for US employees.


SILVER (tied - $500) Evolution of Music Taste by Polygraph (USA)

Every top 5 song from 1958-2016 analysed & playable.


BRONZE (tied - $250) Who Marries Whom? by Adam Pearce & Dorothy Gambrell for Bloomberg (USA)

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau to find out how people are pairing up.


BRONZE (tied - $250) The Network Behind the Cosmic Web by Kim Albrecht (USA)

Constructing multiple models of the cosmic web.


HONOURABLE MENTION Neural Network Playground by Daniel Smilkov & Shan Carter for TensorFlow (USA)

Visualizes outcomes of machine learning.


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