Drum roll: the 2018 Longlist is out

An overwhelming display of talent - congrats to all who made the cut.


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A note on the categories

With so many works looking at the dataviz community itself, or offering guides on charts & graphics, we decided to place all that meta stuff in Visualization & Information Design.

All history & food entries have been moved to Arts, Entertainment & Culture.

Pieces on activism, charity, activism, disasters and relief were given their own category: Humanitarian.


Some of 2018's hot topics


Reflecting the growing #metoo movement, crimes against women and girls were highlighted, including the sexual misconduct of high-profile men

Powerful and provocative pieces shed light on reproductive rights, political representationwomen in filmsunequal pay & gendered job roles.



The flow of people from one country to another inspired a wealth of visualizations. 

Separated migrant children caught creators' attention, with the plight of the Rohingya Muslims inspiring some moving pieces.

Perceptions of immigrants were explored & popular myths debunked



Climate change continues to represent a deep seam of fascinating data art such as this handmade wearable piece on emissions, & this energy transition colouring book

Natural disasters featured heavily, as did our global plastics problem. Creators investigated our human footprintscarcity of resources, & changing weather patterns



Political tweets continue to be a gift to visualizers, while President Trump's trade warcampaign spending and arguably unseemly business relationships resulted in graphics covering the Paradise Papers & Brett Kavanaugh's nomination.



From Bonsai to bird cages, elements of Chinese culture, both traditional & new, piqued the interest of creators this year. 

Entries document national treasures, the marriage market and ancient cities.


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