The categories: Science & Technology

New for 2017, the SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY category celebrates data visualization in the fields of technology, science, medicine, & health.

Not sure if your work fits? Need some inspiration? Check out previous Information is Beautiful Award-winning work in these areas. 



The Evolution of the Web by Hyperakt, Deroy Peraza, Eric Fensterhei

Look at the Sky by Carla Fernandez / Arce 

The American Energy Spectrum by Hyperakt, Deroy Peraza, Eric Fensterhei 

Lunar Calendar by Dimitre Lima 

Envisioning emerging technology for 2012 and beyond by Michell Zappa / Envisioning Tech 

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a virus by Patrick Clair, Scott Mitchell 



Meteorites 1900 - 2000 by Kim Albrecht 

Mechanisms of Evolution by Philipp Dettmer, Jacques Alomo, Thomas Veith 

Bitcoin Explained by Duncan Elms, Dan Ilic 

Terra Mater | Modern Star Dust by ixtract GmbH 

The Solar System – our home in space by Philipp Dettmer, Stephan Rether, Thomas Veith

BBC Knowledge DNA Explainer by Territory 



Everything You Need to Know about Planet Earth by Kurzgesagt 

Weather Radials Poster by Timm Kekeritz 

Women in Science by FFunction 



How Ebola Spreads by Lazaro Gamio and Bonnie Berkowitz

How to Build a Human by Eleanor Lutz  

Vaccines and Infectious Diseases by Dov Friedman, Tynan DeBold 

Rare Earth Elements by Mark-Jan Bludau



The Chart of Cosmic Exploration by PopChart Lab 

Science Isn't Broken by FiveThirtyEight

Neural Network Playground by Daniel Smilkov, Shan Carter

The Network Behind the Cosmic Web by Kim Albrecht

Garbage sorting recycling figure by Pei Lei Ye, Nanjing University of the Arts

The BMJ Infographics by Will Stahl-Timmins


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