The categories: Arts, Entertainment & Pop Culture

Our shiny new ARTS, ENTERTAINMENT & POP CULTURE category is for anything inspired by culture high or low, including music, movies, books, art & more.

We've had some outstanding entries in this area since the Information is Beautiful Awards kicked off in 2012.

The winners, year-by-year:



SWANH.NET by Martin Panchaud 2016

Toronto Symphony Orchestra listening guide by Hannah Chan-Hartley 2016

The Evolution of Music Taste by Polygraph 2016

Film dialogue by Matt Daniels, Polygraph 2016

Photoviz by Nicholas Felton 2016



A World of Languages by Alberto Lucas López 

Valar Morghulis by Shelly Tan and Alberto Cuadra 

On Broadway by Daniel Goddemeyer, Moritz Stefaner, Dominikus Baur, Lev Manovich



Creative Routines by RJ Andrews

Selfiecity by Moritz Stefaner, Dr Susanne Jaschko

Rappers, Sorted by Size of Vocabulary by Matt Daniels

Game of Thrones Decoded: Connecting the Dots from Season 3 by Heather Jones



The 39 stats: Charting Hitchcock Obsessions by Adam Frost, Zhenia Vasiliev

How to win an Oscar by Christian Tate

Taxonomy of Comic Book Characters by Tim Leong

The Atlas Of Kant's Legacy by Valerio Pellegrini



Metallica on Stage by Deniz Cem Önduygu, Amaç Herdağdelen, Eser Aygün 

Cover Mania by Michele Mauri


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