Garbage sorting recycling figure by Pei Lei Ye, Nanjing University of the Arts

This design is one of my course assignments, according to the computer query some information about the recycling of materials, analyzed and simplified, combined with some illustrations design drawing. I named him garbage recycling chart, content is the world's existing main garbage sorting recycling process steps, the main image is divided into nine parts, separately named classification dustbin, classified garbage trucks, waste transfer station, landfill, composting, garbage power plant, recyclable waste classification, waste recycled reengineering, sell recycled product. The main garbage is divided into four categories, and expressed in four colors, respectively for blue for recyclable waste, green for biodegradable waste, hazardous waste in red, yellow for other rubbish. This graphic design goal is because the people around me and I had not realize the importance of waste recycling, so I finished this chart to collect data, hope I can learn more about garbage classification, and makes the people around him are also pay attention to it.