Weather Radials Poster by Timm Kekeritz

An infographic on heat waves and snow storms in 35 cities around the globe, by Timm Kekeritz. Statistics on weather are everywhere: on TV, in newspapers, on our mobile phones. But weather is more than just abstract numbers—it influences and defines our life, day by day. Even if we live in highly urbanized metropoles, the forces of nature could bring our society to a stand still at anytime.

The Weather Radials not only tell the story of the four seasons of 2013 on a global scale—they also illustrate what it means to live in Reykjavík, Los Angeles or Seoul, all in one iconic visualization. Each city is presented as a unique radial visualization. Each radial illustrates the climatical characteristics of a specific city and points out the year’s unusual events in the local weather. For example, you can easily spot the unusually wet spring in Berlin, the prolonged heat wave in Washington, the record temperatures in Sydney and the monsoon season in Mumbai. Nearly a hundred hand-picked weather events highlight the stories behind the raw weather data: extreme weather conditions, temperature records, and other meteorological anecdotes of 2013.

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