Will You Take Home A Trophy?

Last year we wrote about the new Information is Beautiful Awards branding - Fabio Bergamaschi, Mike Brondbjerg and David McCandless worked together to design a logo that represents the thousands of entries submitted to the Awards since 2012.

:: Our interview with Mike Brondbjerg on 3D data structures and developing a strong visual metaphor

:: Our interview with Fabio Bergamaschi on the collaborative & iterative design process



As part of the redesign, the logo was transformed into a beautiful glass trophy. Our goal was for it to be at least as lovely as all of the dataviz creations in our Showcase - a physical reminder of your uncompromising efforts & commitment to beauty in data.



Join us in London tomorrow night to see which projects will take home a trophy this year.


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(2018 trophy images credited to Hardik Chandrahas and Geetika Shukla)

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