Robosta Coffee by University of Minnesota

The data shows the quality indication of Robosta coffee based on the country of production. Robusta coffee is a type of quality that is produced and consumed in different parts of the globe. The diagram illustrates the coffee quality, market share, and quantity of the top 5 coffee Robusta producing countries. The circle divided into 10 triangles shows represents the score given for each category. The categories are Salt vs acidity, Mouthfeel, Bitter vs Sweet, Aftertaste, flavor, fragrance, cupper, balance, and cleancup. Each category are color coded to help the viewer make a simple comparison among the coffee origins on specific parameter. Each Circle is placed on a different level of the y-axis to show the level of production that ranges from 95,450 Kg to 5625 kg. The general circles are also scaled based on the total point of each coffee. The bigger the circle the higher the quality. The diagram also includes the market share of each country, which also corresponds to the quantity produced by each country. The tools used for this illustration are Rhino (a software for 3d modelling), Grasshopper (a plugin with in Rhino), Lunchbox a Plugin for (Grasshopper), Excel, and Adobe illustrator.