Storylanding about Customer Experience Research by Storyworks

The NDA sent us the research data in a large Excel spreadsheet with a dozen tabs for different products. In addition, we received the survey results of the target group — another 15 pages of text.

In order to present all this information in a clear and simple way, we used the theory of generations. This allowed us to group all NDA clients into 4 age groups — 4 stories. We created scripts for the characters based on typical situations in which people use the bank’s products. This allows bank managers to understand how customer experience is formed, as well as what is important for their customers and why.

All that helped the bank’s employees see the experiences of real people behind the numbers and make effective decisions based on it.

* The initial data and company name are disguised due to сlient's request. "Baby boomers" and "Generation Z" sections are concealed for the same reason.