DataSCIENCE by Fachhochschule Aachen

This project depicts the evaluation data of our university between Winter 2015 and Summer 2018, it was created in late 2019. 3652 courses were evaluated by the students of FH Aachen and our project creates a unique symbol for each of those with their specific values. It should be noted, that when creating this, we were still in first semester! So this interactive datavis was something special at our exhibition. By now it hangs in the evaluation-commitee of our university.

The data given on the specific courses are the subjective ratings by all the students that rated the courses:
1. overall rating from 1-5
2. teachers/professors gender
3. semester the students took this course in
4. amount of people that evaluated the course
5. learning success of students
6. interest of the teacher on the learning success of students
7. amount of knowledge the students had before the course
8. commitment of the teacher and the quality to motivate the students