Power Switcher by Jan Willem Tulp

The Power Switcher is an online tool for expert users that allows them to explore future energy scenarios in Switzerland.

Users can try out all kinds of options and find out what the effect of their choices are regarding energy demand, import and capacity.

The visualization even allows you to draw your own capacity profiles, and the visualization updates in realtime. At the moment the Power Switcher is used by politicians and energy experts to explore scenarios, and it is highly successful, as there are not many (any??) visualizations specifically for the Swiss market that allow you to explore this data in an interactive way like this.

In order to make this visualization work, an Excel workbook with over 80 sheets of energy model calculations have been turned into this interactive visualization.

The visualization itself has been created by Jan Willem Tulp/TULP interactive, but in very close collaboration with the team at Axpo responsible for the model, and so this is entered as a team effort for the awards.

Note that the target audience is at the moment experts in the energy sector, who already know what they are looking for.